What We Are:

The INTERNATIONAL SAND COLLECTORS SOCIETY was formed to link together people interested in the
collection and study of sand.

Then, as now, the Society’s purpose is to promote the hobby and collection of sand gathered for personal
gratification and amateur and/or professional study.

The Society is interested in growing in both members and sand related information. It hopes to further its assistance in education and to all those who have a serious interest in sand, its study, and research. Our goal is to organize and standardize the hobby so that its worldwide members can more easily correspond and exchange samples and information with each other.

Who We Are:

ISCS members vary widely in age, occupations, and sand interests. To some, the hobby is strictly a unique, informative, and relaxing pastime with opportunities to exchange sand samples with members if they so choose.

Teachers and professors employ sand as teaching tools in their classrooms and as study material in a vast array of
scientific experiments. Others use it in their art and photography. But most members use sand as the keepsakes of pleasant past vacations and events. All this diversity truly makes us an international brotherhood of Psammophiles. The ISCS is blessed with the enthusiasm of its members, in their dedication, generosity, exchange of information, willingness to help promote the hobby, and to share their unique experiences.

ISCS Committees

The ISCS is honored to have several of its members volunteer their time to share their expertise and passion by serving on committees that help the organization achieve its goals in various ways. The ISCS is always interested in qualified members with knowledge to act as advisors within their specialized fields on these committees.