ISCS Sand Collection Donation Program

It is not uncommon in the world of collecting for the yearslong efforts of collectors to be lost forever because those responsible for distribution of the collection either don’t understand the wishes of the collector or don’t know who to contact to make arrangements if the decision is to donate the collection.

For scenarios where a collector desires to donate the fruits of their labors for others to enjoy, the ISCS has created a Donation Committee to assist. Donating a collection can optimize the benefits of redistribution leaving a lasting legacy. If you desire to donate your collection at some point in the
future, you are encouraged to complete the form at the following link and keep it with your estate documents. If you desire to donate your collection before an estate distribution, feel free to contact the Committee at to speak with someone about various available options.

Due to logistical limitations the program is limited to donations within the contiguous United States.

Link to donation document: ISCS Donation Form

Thank you for considering this option when planning for the ultimate distribution of your collection.