You might be a sand collector if…

Someone mentions “sand paper” and you assume they are talking about the ISCS newsletter (yes!)

Your vacations are planned around places that “might” have good sand

You aren’t surprised when your peanut butter and jelly tastes a little gritty

Your mailman’s back hates you

You’re happy when you come home with sand in your shoes

You intentionally leave clothes in a hotel to make sure there is enough room in your suitcase for sand

Even people who collect bird droppings think you’re weird

You were disappointed when you saw “True Grit” and it wasn’t about sand

You know what a “scoopula” is

You have a scoopula

You look at aquariums with a loupe

You get your sand calendar and the first thing you do is flip through it to see if any of your sands made the cut

You currently have a loupe on your person or there is one within your reach

You spend an inordinate amount of time looking at sieves in a store


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